SAP Testing TAO (Test Acceleration and Optimization) is a tool used to perform automated testing of SAP systems. SAP TAO helps customers to fasten the process of creating automated test cases for SAP systems. SAP TAO automates creation of components, retrieval of dynamic SAP GUI properties at run time and automates inspection.

Training Objectives of SAP TAO:
SAP environment using a SAP's own automation tool called SAP TAO (Test Acceleration and Optimization). Test Scenario's involving end to end business flow such as Procurement Cycle, Order to deliver flow etc. SAP TAO helps to break down the test into components. Components are created and uploaded to QC (Quality Center) and run automated tests on SAP systems. SAP TAO wraps up QTP (Quick Test Professional), which acts as execution engine, while test scenarios are created and driven from QC through business components. TAO integrates the network interfaces, OS I/O subsystem, ORB, and middleware services in order to provide an end-to-end solution.

Target Students / Prerequisites:
The Main Prerequisites for TAO is integrated with the solution tool plug-in (ST-PI) that you need to install in the managed system. SAP TAO helps QA engineers to break down applications into components and they can be assembled into test cases through a simple interface using drag and drop feature. Basic Skills Required for TAO is Strong background on Manual and Automation Testing.

Course Content:

SAP TAO Introduction
SAP TAO Basic Concepts
Overview of SAP TAO 2.0
SAP TAO Architecture overview
SAP TAO workflow
TAO Connection settings
Configuring SAP TAO
Generating components in TAO using Inspect and UI scanner
Differences between Inspect/UI scanner
Importing/ Exporting Business Components
Common components In SAP TAO
CBASE Libraries

Installation and Configuration in SAP TAO 2.0
Prerequisites for Installing SAP TAO
SAP TAO Installation
SAP TAO Folder Structure
SAP TAO License
Configuring SAP Quality Center Folder Structure
Connecting SAP TAO to SAP Managed System
Connecting SAP TAO to SAP Quality Center
Creating Application Area in QTP
Exporting Local Components to QC
Configuration Settings for different Tabs

Explanation of Different Tabs in SAP TAO
Process Flow Analyzer (PFA)
Change Analyzer

Test Scenario’s Demo
UI Scanner
Build Test Script
Consolidated Test Script
Execute Test Script
Results Analysis

SAP Automation Using with QTP
SAP Configuration to work with QTP
How to Identify SAP Objects using QTP
Using QTP How to navigate the SAP GUI application
Using QTP How to navigate the SAP Portal application
Different Types of SAP objects

Automation Using BPT
Introduction on BPT
BPT workflow
Creation of Manual Business Components
Application Area
Creation Of scripted Component (Automated)
Creation of Keyword Driven Component (Automated)
Creation and Execution of Manual BPT
Creation and Execution of Automated BPT using the automated components

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