The SAP SD module is one of the primary ERP module developed by SAP. SAP SD stands for Sales & Distribution. SAP Sales and Distribution is one of the key components of SAP ERP system and is used to manage shipping, billing, selling and transportation of products and services in an organization.

Training Objectives of SD:
SAP SD stands for SAP sales and distribution. Sales and Distribution involves in the various aspects of a Business such as Sales, Costing, and Budget. This SAP training module covers SAP Sales and distribution module as well as the training provides extra insight for handling sales, delivery, and creating invoice for the customers. In addition to these the training encompasses user transactions, customization, user exits, exact pricing etc.

Target Students / Prerequisites
Students must be familiar with the concepts in SAP and Database.

Course Content
SAP SD Basic overview
Overview of Business Functional modules in SAP
Sales and Distribution Process cycles with WM
Roles and responsibilities of SAP consultant
Customization in sales & distribution module

Enterprise structure with a business case
Definition and Assignment of Organizational Entities
Financial Accounting
Sales & Distribution
Materials Management
Logistics Execution
Consistency Check for S&D module

Master Data
D Customer Master Data
Customer Account Groups and customer no. Ranges
Master data for Mktg.
Sales-customer groups
Shipping-shipping schedules etc.
Partner Determination for Customer Master
Partner Functions
Partner Determination Procedure
Partner Function – Account group Assignment
Creating a customer master – Centrally and Sales
Understanding multiple customer network scenario
MM-Material Master
Understanding various Material Types
Basic Settings for Material Management
Material Groups
MRP groups, MRP controller and MRP types
Inventory Management
Material Master with Warehouse Mgmt.

Inventory Management
Stock Posting for Materials
Stock Report

Sales Document Management
Sales Document Header
Sales document types and header level controls in sales document
Header data in sales document
Order reasons and no. Ranges
Sales Document Item
Item categories, Item level controls in Sales documents
Item data in sales documents
Define Item category groups
Assigning Item categories
Schedule line category for sales documents
Schedule categories and assignment
Business Process for Sales & Distribution
Inquiry, Quotation and Sales Order Processing

Copy controls for Sales Documents
Header Level
Item Level
Schedule Line level

Shipping process in S&D
Basic Shipping Functions
Shipping point Determination process
Delivery and Transportation Scheduling
Delivery Document
Maintain Delivery Types, header level controls in Delivery documents
Maintain Delivery Item, Item level controls in Delivery documents
Copy controls in Delivery Documents

Initial Goods Receipt through Warehouse management
Maintain Storage bins
WM process of Stock Receipt
Stock Report at Storage Bin Level

Picking Process in Delivery Level
Picking with Warehouse Management

Post Goods Issue process in Delivery level
Maintains FI/MM settings for Post Goods Issue
Analysis on the effects of Post Goods Issue

Billing Process in S&D
Maintaining Billing Types and it controls
Revenue Account Determination (SD&FI integration)
Master data for Account Assignment
Revenue account determination procedure
Account keys and pricing procedure assignment
Assigning G/L accounts

Cross Selling Determination Process
Maintain Field Catalog
Maintain Access Sequences
Define Condition Types
Maintain Procedure
Create condition tables
Define customer procedure for cross selling
Define document procedure for cross selling
Assign document procedure for cross selling to sales document types

Pricing Concepts in Sales
Pricing controls in Sales
Concept of Condition Technique
Process of Condition Tables, access sequences and condition types
Process of Pricing Procedure Determination
Maintaining Condition records for price, Discounts etc.
Condition Exclusion
Pricing for Free Goods
Exclusive Free Goods
Inclusive Free Goods
Pricing analysis in Sales Documents

Availability Check & Transfer of Requirements
Transfer of Requirements
Requirement classes
Requirement types & Determination of Requirement types
Availability Check with ATP
Checking groups and Material Block
Setting up Checking Rule for Availability

Procedure for Schedule line Category
Procedure for Schedule line Category
Cash sales process
Rush Order Process
Handling complaints in Sales
Credit memo
Debit memo
Free of Charge Deliveries

Credit Management process
Types of Credit Controls
Maintain Risk Categories
Credit Representative Groups
Simple credit check
Automatic credit check
Maintain credit master data for Customers
Release of credit block documents

Material Listing and Exclusion using condition technique
Process of Customer Material Info Record
Process of Material Determination
Procedure of Product Proposal

Consignment Stock Processing
Consignment Fill up
Consignment Issue
Consignment Pickup
Consignment Returns

Output Determination Process
Condition Technique in Output Determination
Output in Sales, Delivery and Billing documents
Schedule Line level

Incomplete Procedures for Sales
Incompletion procedure for sales Header, item and schedule line
Assigning Incompletion Procedure

Bill Of Material process
Scheduling Agreements and Contracts Process
Bill Of Material process
Maintaining Stages of Routes
Transportation connection points
Set up Route Determination

Overview on Variant configuration

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