SAP HANA (high-performance analytic appliance) is an application that uses in-memory database technology that allows the processing of massive amounts of real-time data in a short time. The in-memory computing engine allows HANA to process data stored in RAM as opposed to reading it from a disk. SAP HANA is equipped with Multiengine Query Processing Environment which supports relational as well as graphical and text data within the same system.

Training Objectives of SAP HANA:
• Good knowledge on SAP HANA fundamentals, learn and deploy real-time analytic applications,
• It’s best suited for performing real-time analytics on massive data, and developing & deploying real-time applications.

Target Students / Prerequisites
Students must have knowledge on SAP Concepts and they should Familiar with Database concepts.

Course Content:

Introduction to HANA
Introduction to SAP HANA
SAP In-Memory Strategy
HANA compare to BWA

Look & Feel
In-Memory Computing Studio
Administration view
Navigator View
System Monitor
Information Modeler

Architecture Overview
IMCE and Surroundings
Row Store
Column Store
Loading data into HANA
Data Modeling
Persistent Layer
Backup & Recovery

Data Provisioning
Replication Server
Replication Process
Replication Architecture
Data Services
Basic Data service Connection types
New to Data services 4.0
Full Extractor though ODP
Configure Import server
Create and execute a Data Service Job to Populate HANA

Purpose of Information Modeler
Levels of Modeling in SAP HANA
Attribute Views
Analytic Views
Calculation Views
Export & Import

HANA, Reporting Layer
Connectivity options
Business Objects BI 4.0
Business Objects BI 4.0 Explorers
Crystal Reports via ODBC/JDBC Connections
Others & MS Excel

User Management
Creation of Users
Creation of Roles
Creation of Role Hierarchy
Assignment of Users to Roles
IMCE Authorizations

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