SAP Web Dynpro is the SAP development toolset for creating professional Web user interfaces (UI) for various business applications. It is an application development framework that can be used with both Java and ABAP. Webdyn Pro is aimed at the development of business applications that follow standardized UI principles, applications that connect to backend systems and which are scalable.

Training Objectives of EP JAVA WEBDynpro:
The Main Objectives of SAP EP JAVA WEBDynpro is to Create and implement a UI. SAP Web dynpro ABAP (WDA) provides for drag and drop options for creating UI. This SAP EP java Webdynepro online training course offers extensive and in-depth knowledge base of the concepts and fundamental working of the software tool. The trainees will be put through a rigorous practical experience of designing a Webdynpro application through the Webdynpro phase model and its other tools and elements. Through this training, the trainees will be taught about the methods of working with UI elements and implementing multiple languages in their applications.

Target Students / Prerequisites
Students must have Knowledge on SAP and Java Technologies.

Course Content:

EP Administration
Portal components – View, Page, Work set, Role and their types, PCD, Capture, Scroll Components Properties.
User management Engine – User creation, Roles Assignment, Locking, Groups, Import/export, Modifying UME properties.
Portal desktop – Themes, Default Framework, Rules &collections, Portal work list, Portal activity.
Monitoring, Permissions, log Files, Netweaver Administration
Business Packages importing & exporting, Ess & Mss

– connecting from portal to SAP, Logon Ticket, Connecting from Portal to NON SAP, Permissions, Object locking, monitoring Knowledge management
– Public Document, Permissions, subscription, KM Application Features NWDS induction and Configuration with portal server, Creating WebDynPro preview in portal server
Java WebDynPro Architecture & Features, Samples Application
Communication between pages using out and input Bounds
Using multiple Bonds, Context Mapping and Data Binding, Arithmetic Operation Application
Structures, initializing the record, apply template
Displaying data in table format using nodes
Modifying UI elements at runtime, Debugging
Log files & error Handling Composite UI Elements
Internationalization (118N) for multi language support
Simple Value Selector, extended Value selector, OVS
Passing parameter, Dynamic Tex Creation, images
Interface controller, model Types
Visual admin, system Landscape, JCo Connections creation, SAP server properties
Connecting to SAP server using RFC, working with sample Application
Working with RFC’s in WebDynPro
Working with API and Trex
Project overview, development components, NWDI administration and configuration
Tracks creation in portal server, working with NWDI server
PDK introduction, uploading par files to portal server, importing and exporting par files page processor
PBO & PAI Architecture, JSPDynPage, HTMLB Jar Files, Taglib Directory
Portal Context, PDK JSPDynPage, Using beans
Creating new layout using web page Composer, CSS and XML
JAVA CONNECTOR (JCo), Java Connection Architecture(JCA)
ABAP WebDynPro
ABAP WebDynPro introduction, sample Applications
Adobe forms, CAF, Guided Procedures
Working with development, testing, support Environments, ESS and MSS Configuration

About the Trainer

10 + Years of IT experience, provided training for over 1000+ professionals online Real-time IT experience which enables to provide dedicated quality training. Teaching is his passion vast experience in providing online training around the globe with good communication skills.