SAP Customer Service functionality contains the processes that a company requires to deliver the services are offered to customers. The CS component also completely integrates with the SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) component for customer quotation creation and customer billing. Customers are more likely to purchase from companies who have a high level of customer satisfaction.

Training Objectives of SAP CS:
• SAP CS Online Training Course is designed by IT Professionals with the IT Industry Specialists as our trainers are experienced and certified trainers.
• Understanding the SAP tools.

Course Content:

Day 1- Overview on Customer Service
Master data
Organizational Data
Day 2 – Master data
CS Integration with other Modules
Day 3 – Overview on List of Process in SAP CS
In- house Repair
Repair – at- Site
Replace Data
Third party Repair
Day 4 – In-house Repair process
Day 5 – In-house Repair Process
Day 6 – In-house Repair Process
Day 7 – In-house Repair Process
Day 8 – Repair – at – Site
Day 9 – Repair – at – Site
Day 10 – Repair – at – Site
Day 11 – Repair – at – Site
Day 12 – Annual Maintenance Contract
Day 13 – Annual Maintenance Contract
Day 14 – Annual Maintenance Contract
Day 15 – Annual Maintenance Contract
Day 16 – Annual Maintenance Contract
Day 17 – Annual Maintenance Contract
Day 18 – Third Party Repair
Day 19 – Reports & Tables
Day 20 – Discussion on Open Topics and Glance

About the Trainer

10 + Years of IT experience, provided training for over 1000+ professionals online Real-time IT experience which enables to provide dedicated quality training. Teaching is his passion vast experience in providing online training around the globe with good communication skills.