Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) is a business intelligence server developed by Oracle. It includes advanced business intelligence tools built upon a unified architecture. OBIEE is built on a proven and modern technological foundation that supports the highest workloads and most complex deployments. OBIEE is an unmatched and comprehensive business intelligence and analytics platform that delivers a full range of capabilities—including interactive dashboards, ad hoc queries, mobile analytics, notifications and alerts, enterprise and financial reporting, scorecard and strategy management, business process invocation, unstructured search and collaboration, integrated systems management and more.

Training Objectives of OBIEE
OBIEE is a traditional BI tool from Oracle (They purchased Siebel analytics around 2007). It is similar to Cognos and Business Objects. OBIEE is an industry standard and leading tool in the field of Business Intelligence (BI). The purpose of this course is to gain expertise in the field of Business Intelligence using OBIEE 11g. Also, the course opens the doors of opportunity as OBIEE Developer, OBIEE Architect and many more.

Target Students and Prerequisites:
Students must be familiar with concepts in Oracle.

Course Contents:
Oracle BI Enterprise Edition Overview
Exploring Oracle BI Enterprise Edition User Interfaces
Oracle BI Enterprise Edition Architecture
Oracle BI Applications Overview Repository Basics
Building the Physical Layer of a Repository
Building the Business Model and Mapping
Layer of a Repository
Building the Presentation Layer of a Repository
Testing and Validating a Repository
Working with Oracle Business Intelligence Answers
Building Views and Charts in Requests

Different Views
Table View
Compound View
No result View
Narrative View
Pivot View
Column selector View
view selector
Filtering Requests in Oracle Business Intelligence Answers
Combined Filter
Group Filter
Filter Based on other Request
Dynamic filter using variable
Dynamic filter using Dashboard
Creating Interactive Dashboards
Configuring Interactive Dashboards
Save Dashboard Selection
Configuring Guided Navigation Links
RPD Adding Multiple Logical Table Sources
RPD Adding Calculations to a Fact
RPD Creating Dimension Hierarchies and
RPD Level-Based Measures
RPD Using Aggregates
RPD Using Repository Variables
RPD Cache Management
RPD Using Administration Tool Utilities
Security Setup and Features
Customizing and Administrating he Oracle Business Intelligence User Interface
Multi-User Development
Using Oracle Business Intelligence Delivers

About the Trainer

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