Microsoft Dynamics CRM stands for Microsoft customer relationship management software which is a powerful sales automation suite that takes care of the overall sales and productivity of every size of business. MS Dynamics CRM works well with Microsoft products MS office and MS Outlook providing custom CRM solution. This software helps sales, marketing, and service professionals improve processes and better manage the customer experience .

Training Objectives Of Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Dynamics CRM is one of the market leaders in customer relationship management software segment Customer data and right usage of customer. It is quite user-friendly and useful for your business for managing your customer data. Microsoft Dynamic CRM is one of the best CRM not only because of it’s brand name but also because of it’s unique features which make it apart different from other CRM software. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training deals with Customer engagement solutions which help companies deliver exceptional customer satisfaction, creating long-term relationships based on knowledge and trust.

Course Contents:
Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Gaining a competitive advantage through CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Modules
Microsoft Dynamics CRM User Interface
CRM 2011 Basics
Microsoft Dynamics CRM in Your Organization
Customer Records
Record Ownership and Assignment
Using Activities to track Customer Interactions
Finding and Maintaining Your Data
Using Duplicate Detection
Subject Tree
Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Microsoft Office Outlook
Integration between Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and Outlook
Record management in the Outlook client
E-mail management in CRM 2011 for Outlook
Multiple Views and Conditional Formatting
Creating Mail Merge Documents
Using CRM 2011 for Outlook with Offline Access

Introduction to Sales Management
Overview of the Sales Process in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Core Records in the Sales Process
Tracking Competitors and Managing Sales Literature
Working with Leads
Working with Opportunities
Sales Processes, Workflows and Dialogs
Sales Order Processing
The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sales Order Process
Opportunities, Quotes, and the Sales Process
Working with Orders
Working with Invoices
Introduction to Marketing Automation
Benefits of Closed Loop Marketing
Creating and Using Marketing Lists
Marketing Campaigns and Quick Campaigns
Quick Campaigns

Introduction to Marketing Campaigns
Creating a Marketing Campaign
Creating and Using Campaign Templates
Importing Leads
About the Trainer

About the Trainer

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