Android is a software package and Linux based operating system for mobile devices such as tablet computers and smart phones Android is an array of software intended for mobile devices that features an operating system, core applications and middleware. This course will help you learn mobile app development from scratch and unlock new job opportunities for you in start-ups as well as large organizations

Training Objectives Of ANDROID
The extendable application environment of Android is specifically designed to suit industry requirements to tap the mobile consumer market and offers immense scope for Android application developers. Basic Android Development tools such as Android Studio, DDMS, Drawables, Listeners and Activity Lifecycle

Target Students / Prerequisites:
Students Must be belongs to IT Background and Familiar with Java Programming.

Course Contents:
What is Android
Android History and Generations
Android Architecture and features

Basics of Android
Android Installation
Setup ADT to Eclipse
Hello World – Startup Android example
Internal Details
Android Core Building Blocks
Android Emulator – Android Virtual Device
Activity and its Life Cycle

Android Layout Manager
Relative Layout
Linear Layout
Table Layout
Grid View
List View

Android UI Widgets
Text view
Toast and Custom Toast
Toggle Button
Alert Dialog
Auto Complete Text view
Menu etc…,

Intent and Notifications
Internal Intent
External Intent
Notifications and communication

Advanced Android
Android Data Storage
Shared Preferences
Internal Storage
External Storage

Android Content Provider
Content Provider Fundamental
Contact Content Provider

Android Multimedia
Multimedia API
Playing Audio
Playing Video
Text To Speech API

Android Telephony API
Making Phone Call
Send SMS
Send Email

Location API
Location API Fundamental and Example of the same.

Device Connectivity
List Paired Devices
Working with WiFi
Working with Camera

Styles and Android Graphics
Styles & Themes
Graphics API
2D Graphics

About the Trainer

10 + Years of IT experience, provided training for over 1000+ professionals online Real-time IT experience which enables to provide dedicated quality training. Teaching is his passion vast experience in providing online training around the globe with good communication skills.